Scene 82 – Cor



It was late, about ten. Ling was already asleep, or at least pretending to be. She had tried to talk to Derek about their little altercation, but had stumbled over her words and run away. They’d reconcile soon; we had time.

The reason I wasn’t asleep was because Derek had gotten a job for us. A land piranha swarm had gotten into the BOB facility nearby, and they didn’t have the equipment to deal with it. We’d get paid well for this one. Swarms were pretty dangerous, and we were specifically called in because they knew we’d keep damage to a minimum. If they just wanted to nix the swarm, they could talk to the Canians.

I was nearly ready. I had the Minerva silk on. It fit like a glove and breathed like air, so no problems there. I had my sword at my hip and my knives strapped to my arms. I had my beads tied to my ponytail, and the blue ribbon woven within it. I was even wearing the necklace and pendant Ling and Laura gave me.

All that was left was the earrings.

I hadn’t worn them since a couple days after my birthday. It had felt almost like a betrayal of Derek, which was ridiculous. The moron still didn’t know Ling and I were fighting over him, even after the quick little wrestling match when she got her armor.

The earrings were beautiful, and very thoughtful. I don’t have much jewelry, since most of my money goes to paying for college and healing after bad fights, but that didn’t mean I didn’t like it.

It wasn’t that I liked Flynn, of course. I just enjoyed jewelry in general. That was all. I could appreciate a present without it having any deeper meaning, right?

Of course. Anything else would be silly.

So I should just put on the earrings. There was no harm.

Well…there was some harm. They dangled. They’d unbalance me, if only barely. They were a liability. I couldn’t wear something like that into combat.

Right, so they were off the table. I stood to leave.

Except…the necklace was in the same boat. And I wasn’t considering leaving it behind. Why should the earrings be any different?

The necklace meant something to me, that was it. The earrings didn’t. They didn’t mean anything good or bad, they were just decoration. And I didn’t need that.

Ling rolled over and snorted in her sleep, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Time to go.

I left quickly, meeting Derek downstairs in the lobby. Adam was nowhere to be found. He was probably off with Lily somewhere.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

Derek nodded, adjusting the grenade bandolier across his torso. They were just smoke grenades, but they would be very useful against land piranhas. “I am. You?”

I smiled. “Of course.”

His blue eyes flickered down to my hand. “Are you going to put those on?”

I looked down at my right hand.

I had the earrings held in a loose grip and hadn’t even noticed.

I swallowed. “Yeah. Just give me a second.”

Behind the Scenes (scene 82)

This is the shortest scene I’ve ever done, but it’s still important. And the next one is going to be long. There will not be an update on Wednesday; next is Monday, as scheduled. Trust me, it will be worth the wait.

On the other hand, you may have noticed we now have a forum! You can find it at


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