Newspost 3/25/2013

We’re in the middle of some site updates at the moment, as you may have noticed. Everything should work perfectly now, but please let me know if you encounter any problems.

Speaking of letting me know, one of the major changes was getting rid of Akismet! Akismet is a notorious spam blocker that came with my site when I first made it. If you ever commented on the site and it never showed up, that’s because Akismet decided your comment was spam and deleted it. I never even got to see it. I’m using a new blocker now; there should be a simple checkbox when you make a comment. Check it to certify that you are not a spammer, and I’ll be able to moderate your comment soon.

You will also be seeing a new type of ad soon: Project Wonderful! It is a wonderful project (see what I did there?) that is much, much easier on the publishers than the clunky Google ads, or the WordPress ones I was using previously. It also means anyone with a Project Wonderful account can bid on an adspace. In fact, you probably found this site in the first place through one of my Project Wonderful ads.

That’s all for now! Hopefully the new design was worth the trouble.


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